Reading List

The Twenty-Second Pennsylvania Cavalry and the Ringgold Battalion 1861-1865 Samuel Clarke Farrar (1911)

This is a unit diary with great details that helped me locate places where the unit had been on exact dates.

Elwood's stories of the old Ringgold cavalry, 1847-1865: the first three year cavalry of the civil war (John Williams Elwood 1914)

This book has much the same information as the Farrar book but the differences are interesting.

The Last battle of Winchester (Scott C. Patchan) 2013

The 22nd Pa Cavalry was involved in the capture of the Star Fort during which their unit commander Colonel Schoonmaker won the Congressional Medal of Honor

More reading

Shenanndoah Summer (Scott C. Patchan) 2007

This book covers the summer of 1864 in which the 22nd Pa Cavalry was mightily engaged. Amazing journeys and stories.

The Battle of Cedar Creek (Jonathan Noyalas) 2009

The last great battle in the Shenandoah in which the 22nd Pa Cavalry was on picket duty the morning of the Confederate attack and was cutoff from the rest of the army. The story of their hours behind enemy lines tells much about these soldiers.

The Battle of Piedmont and Hunter's Raid on Staunton (Scott C. Patchan) 2011

The 22nd was there but played a small part in these efforts.