The Discharge and Other Reasons I started to care

My Great Grandfather's Discharge

 I have, hanging on my office wall, my Great Grandfather’s discharge from the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry dated, October 31, 1865 when he was then 21 years of age. My father passed the discharge down to me with a couple of other artifacts from Great Grandfather, Jacob Bare Bollinger; a table he made in the 1870s, a firkin he made around that time, a photograph, and the transcript of a letter written in 1865 from Jacob Bare Bollinger to his parents from his duty station at Moorfield, WV. Other than that, we know little about out forefather. My Grandfather, Albert (Bertie) Francis Bolinger, was less than 2 years old when his father Jacob died in 1890.

A Rose by Any Other Name

I do not know how the name Bollinger (with two "L"s) became Bolinger (with one "L"). The paperwork I have for my Great Grandfather has the name Bollinger while my Grandfather used the single "L" Bolinger as we all did since then. This confusion mainly becomes relevant when using a search engine or doing genealogy work.